Great New Thing

June 2006

It's been quite a while since my last mix, but hopefully it's been worth the wait! As promised, this is a decks & laptop workout. Using the Ecler Nuo4 mixer I can now work with an extra 2 "virtual" decks, with the ability to loop and mess around with tracks live in the mix. I've marked "A" for analogue (vinyl) or "D" for digital (laptop) after each track so you know what's going down... Enjoy!
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  1. Troydon - Close Your Eyes (Freerange) [A]
  2. Lil' Mark - At That Place (dub) (Classic) [A]
  3. Jake Childs - Goin' Down (Drop Music) [D]
  4. Rhythm Plate - Fine Line (remix) (Winding Road) [A]
  5. Audiomontage - Bounce 2 The Ounce (Freerange) [D]
  6. Sieg Uber Die Sonne - Sovjet Supreme (Cynosure) [A]
  7. Bug and Tanzmann - Shock (Poker Flat) [A]
  8. Stretch Sylvester - What You Need (Playtime) [D]
  9. Mike Monday - Bumfunk (edit (Kinky Vinyl) [D]
  10. Herve - What You Need the Most (Dubsided) [A]
  11. Switch - Just Bounce 2 This (Freerange) [A]
  12. Del Costa & Pedro Goya - Metropolis (Music for Freaks) [A]
  13. Rhythm Plate - Fine Line [A]
  14. Tomboy - I/U (Gomma) [A]
  15. Kerri Chandler - Return 2 Acid (Large) [D]
  16. Roy Davis Jr - Return 2 Acid (acapella) (Large) [D]
  17. Bobby Konders - Nervous Acid (Nu Groove) [A]
  18. Steve Poindexter - Computer Madness (Muzique) [A]
  19. Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder (DJ International) [A]
  20. Gus Gus - Need In Me (Pineapple) [D]