Loooong time no mix

Well I've been very lazy of late getting any mixes together but here we go again with the first of a two part trip down memory lane. 10 Years is a selection of tunes I was getting into around, well, 10 years ago. First mix is deep and funky. Next one will be the tough stuff. I promise you won't be waiting another 18 months for it!


Million Dollar Disco and...

OK, couldn't help but make this a separate post. After a trip to Chicago where I didn't manage to catch the man, I can't believe the first time I hear Rahaan is at The Big Joint in Scotstoun, Glasgow. Al Kent's warmup was on form, with an awesome sneak preview of the new Million Dollar Orchestra material, dropped over a sweet sound system. Rahaan then blew it apart with his full-on-EQ-edit disco style (or is it house?) and had people (especially me) reaching for the lasers (erm, disco ball)..."


Easter Weekend!!!!

Still getting over how good this weekend was. Been a long time coming but Friday night saw Barbara Tucker and Little Louie Vega as part of the Sub Club's 20th Anniversary. Totally blown away when Deep Inside came through the PA, and Most Precious Love took it further. Then there was Street Player, Vertigo and I Feel Love from Louie... Reports of champagne, feather boa's, elvis shades and ceiling punching are exaggerated :) Report on Sunday night to come..."


Shit Space

I hate it, and it looks crap, but I've finally succumbed to popular pressure and got myself a MySpace erm... space. Go on, be my friend... even if I've never met you!
Roki's MySpace


Happy New Year!

Well, if Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area) at the Sub Club wasn't enough, here's an early 2007 electro set for you. Some all-time favourites in here so hope you enjoy. P.S I wasn't particularly sober during this one so please forgive the dodgy mixing ;)


Back to reality

Shee, it's been a long time without an update. Sorry folks! Anyway, I return with a new Top 5 and promise of new mixes to come before the end of the year. Christmas presents for you all, so to speak! Check back soon.


Brighton Bomb

Well, it looks like it's a monthly update these days so don't start expecting anything more frequent! Just back from Brighton after playing Suga Qube in one of the most bouncing gigs of the year. Thanks to Vicki and Dave for making things happen and all those who turned out with their dancing pants on. Just about recovered now but it took a while!


Now Podcasting

Having figured out what the hell a Podcast is, I've started one for my latest mix and will be adding all future mixes to the feed. Now you can 'subscribe' to my mixes using your favourite Podcast Client (iTunes or WinAmp will work) and then each time I release a new mix, it will be downloaded automatically into your collection. To subscribe, right-click the image below and copy the link. Then paste the URL into your client's "Subscribe" page:


New mix... finally!

Well, things have been very quiet around here recently, but for good reason. Been busy putting together another mix, which is finally ready for download. As promised it's a decks and laptop affair using the Ecler (see below). Grab it now in the mixes section to the right ->


Presenting Danny B

I'm proud to present my site's first guest mix, which comes courtesy of my good friend Danny B. This time he's gone for the deep stuff... the REAL deep stuff, but I'm totally feeling it. Check it out over to the right in the mixes section


Hi Karate back from the dead

Some cross-promotion here, but my once club Hi Karate (which I promoted and even guested at on occasion) are back after a long hiatus with the first of a series of Podcasts (or downloads for the rest of us). For the uninitiated, this is the real eclectic shit. Expect reggae, hip hop, soul, broken beat etc. It's well good, so check it out on my bro's blog right now!



Delighted to have taken delivery of a new Ecler Nuo4 mixer with built in MIDI controller. It not only sounds great but now I can control my laptop without having to leave the decks to grab the mouse! Check out the video demo to see what this thing's capable of, and expect to hear a proper LIVE decks and laptop set here in the next few weeks.


The Blue Potential

Jeff Mills has taken things to the next level, hooking up with the Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra to record a selection of his techno productions live. Orchestrating everything except the beats, which play off 909, the result is awesome. A DVD of the gig is coming out soon but there's a 35 minute clip here (click the link on the right where it says AUDIO/VIDEO).



Tracked down a badass remix of Janet Jackson's "What have you done for me lately?" as featured on the Fred Everything mix (see below). Superb stuff - dancefloor ready despite falling into the dodgy bootleg category! Check it: Hook Up Tunes #3



Well, here it is at last... my own presence on the Interweb. Hope you like it and check back regularly for news and mixes. Tell your friends, family, pet cat and passers-by. Cheers!


Blazin' Beats

Picked up a hard-to-find classic today in the form of "Happy Days" by Alexander Hope. This is a Blaze production from 1996 but head straight for Hippie Torales and Mark Mendoza's "MenTor Beats" mix for the real action - awesome!


Everything Fred

Bagged the new Switch single "JustBounce2This" with wicked Fred Everything remix of "Getyadubon" today. Nice use of a Jungle Brothers sample... Also found a wicked mix over at Underground House and picked up the remix EP of Light of Day. All very hot stuff.


Carl Craig beatdown

Every once in a while a tune comes along that reaffirms your faith in house music. A single-sided 10" by Theo Parrish entitled "Falling Up", remixed by Carl Craig. This is part of the Detroit Beatdown Sessions and is a striclty limited promo (although I believe there are 12" booties out there already). Mr Craig at his hypnotic best - a true mid-night killer.

Top 5

Top 5 Autumn Edits


I want your Love (Tangoterje edit)

Awesome. Chic meets Moodymann.

Talking Heads

Psycho Killer (GW Edit)

"Gotta tape I wanna play" is what this goes under - if you can find it

First Choice

Let no man (Ron's Edit)

Cut up madness. Baby baby baby baby baby!

Harold Melvin

The Love I Lost (Ugly Edit)

Theo Parrish does the biz. Allegedly.

Billy Paul

East (Moton Edit)

Beefed up by Diesel and Harvey

10 Years (Part 1)

November 2008

Some great old-ish school deep disco house
Stream | Download | Tracklist

I Am Robot (electro mix)

January 2007

15 classic early 80's electro-breaks from the archive.
Stream | Download | Tracklist

Great New Thing

June 2006

A 20-track affair on 4 decks (two vinyl and two digital) dropping some of the tougher techy stuff and a drop of ol-skool acid...
Stream | Download | Tracklist

*** GUEST MIX ***

Danny Barbour - On the Fly

April 2006

Well, my man's popped out a beauty here. Will go down well with techno heads as well as housers, this is definately on a deep tip. Tracklist on the way ;)
Stream | Download

In a Thousand Pieces

December 2005

This one was a true labour of love. Software crashed halfway through the last track while recording, and I had to stick 1435 pieces of audio back together to reconstruct it... think it was worth it though. Hope you agree!
Stream | Download | Tracklist

Straight to the Jack

September 2005

One of the easiest and most satisfying mixes I've done to date. Hitting that new sound of Chicago jack interspersed with the best of Euro tech-house. Can't get enough of the Soundstream and Joakim tracks in the middle
Stream | Download | Tracklist


April 2005

Something for everyone this time. Some top vocal numbers from the likes of Joey Negro (a cheeky bootleg of Maxwell's "If") and JT Donaldson, plus some techier action towards the end.
Stream | Download | Tracklist


February 2005

One I've been planning for a good while. This was an excuse to dig through some favourite U-Star, Discfunction and Idjut Boys related cuts. 10 years of 'space-disco' - dedicated to the late, great Erot.
Stream | Download | Tracklist

Live at 63 (Roki & Danny B)

November 2004

Proper house mix recorded with long-time cohort Danny Barbour. Had a lot of fun recording this one - working a couple of tunes about.
Stream | Download | Tracklist

Summer's almost over, but the sun's still shining

September 2003

A mix recorded just before a trip to Chicago. Intended to showcase a lot of sounds that represent what I was about at the time. Still a firm favourite.
Stream | Download | Tracklist


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