Straight to the Jack

September 2005

One of the easiest and most satisfying mixes I've done to date. Hitting that new sound of Chicago jack intersperced with the best of Euro tech-house. Can't get enough of the Soundstream and Joakim tracks in the middle
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  1. Lisa Shaw - Let it Ride (Speakeasy Mix) (Naked)
  2. Colette - Feelin' Hypnotized (Gene Farris Dub) (OM)
  3. Mark Farina - To Do (Kaskade's Carry On Mix) (OM)
  4. Lawnchair Generals - The Truth (Lowdown)
  5. Justin Martin & Sammy D - Don't Luv (Landshark Rework) (Utensil)
  6. Sound Navigators - System Sprain (Mario Fabriani Remix) (Jackin Tracks)
  7. Swag - Fat Hack (White)
  8. The Littlemen - Down with it (Mobile Tracks)
  9. Bryan Jones - Groove Foundation (Jackin Tracks)
  10. Miles Maeda - Tell me Why (Lowdown)
  11. Daniel Stefanik - Move Me (Moon Harbour)
  12. Sound Stream - Good Soul (Soundhack)
  13. Joakim - Cotton Gun (Versatile)
  14. Stark Miller feat Bilguissa - When I Close My Eyes (Silver Haze Remix) (The Lords of Sound)
  15. Wayne Frost - Dyslexic (duplex 100 remix) (Trenton)
  16. Soul Mekanik - No 303 (Music for Freaks)
  17. Minus 8 - Solaris (Pascal Hahn & Minus 8 remix) (Compost)